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On this page you will find information on the course options.

The following French courses are offered :

  • General French 
  • Professional French
  • Holiday French
  • French civilization
  • French language exams (DELF, DALF, TCF...)

Do you want to learn French? Or do you intend to travel in France of in a French-speaking country?             With French Language Courses From Everywhere you have come to the right place !

This website proposes General French courses  so you can learn basic French of improve your knowledge of the language (from level A1 to level C2/ European language levels).

During the lesson, the emphasis wil of course be placed on the development of the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. 

General French

We offer general French courses on

Do you want to learn French for work ?

In this case, you can take professional French courses on this website. You will be able to enhance your proficiency and to communicate effectively with your French or French-speaking colleagues in your professional sector of speciality e.g. business, tourism, administration, etc.

Professional French

We offer professional French courses on

Holiday French

Do you intend to go to France or to another French speaking country for your holidays? 

Of do you have an house in France?                             

French Language Courses From everywhere offers French and holidays courses. These courses are ideal to make yourself understood by everyone when you travel within a French speaking country. For example in an hotel, a restaurant, at the tourist office, etc. 

We offer French and holidays courses on

French civilisation

Are you interested in French culture? Or do you cultivate an interest in French culture?

Would you like to gain a better understanding of present-day France?                                                             French language courses from everywhere offers French civilisation courses.

A good way to discover the French cultural heritage as well as the latest trends of French society and the best way to encouraging dialogue between cultures. Useful too at work!

French civilisation course on

French language exams

Do you intend to study for the official French language exams : DILF, DELF, DALF of TCF?               

A French course on this website will provide you with just the preparation you need to excel in these tests.

You can get more information about the French language exams by visiting the web-site of CIEP

We offer our assitance to prepare for DELF, DALF on

For all these courses it is advised that you take a French language test before the first lesson, to ensure the level you are studying is one you are comfortable with.

« Ayant un esprit analytique, j’ai tendance à poser beaucoup de questions durant un cours. Je dois dire que Christine a su prendre le temps de répondre à toutes mes questions. Elle m’a bien accompagnée dans mon apprentissage du français et ma progression a été nette. J’ai apprécié son soutien, son implication et son expérience. C’est un très bon professeur ».   Lindsay, Écosse